Artisans Timbío-Cauca


For over 25 years, a group of women from the urban and rural areas of Timbío-Cauca, Colombia, have become famous for their production of silk threads, and artisan fabrics made from silkworm cocoons. These silkworms are fed from Colombian fields of mulberry, especially grown for the purpose. These artisans transform the cocoons of the short fibre silkworm into coarse and strong threads, whilst long fibre cocoons are used to make thin, shiny threads. These incredible high-quality threads are then made into scarves, fabrics, and the ponchos that coffee growers regard so highly to stave off the cold at high altitudes. These artisans have the support of Ayuda en Acción, an international organization led by the Spanish that helps the Association of Silk Weavers (“Colteseda)”, in the production and marketing of their products. It is hoped this international trade generates employment and the development of the region. These talented artisans were recently invited to Paris by UNESCO, along with the indigenous Wayú, through Artesanías de Colombia to showcase their incredible skills

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