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Meraki Heritage has partnered with the incredible Wayuu Tribe to bring you an amazing range of environmentally sustainable, handcrafted palm woven bags and hats.

Known as the people of the sun, sand and wind, the indigenous Wayuu are located deep in the la Guajira desert, close to the Colombian and Venezuelan border.  Having arrived from the Amazon rainforest 2,000 years ago to escape hostile environments and find a new home, the Wayuu have battled the Spanish Conquistadores, English Pirates, Colombian governments, and currently multinational energy companies and climate change to keep their traditions alive.

Unfortunately, global warming, El Niño and climate change have affected the tribe’s ability to sustain their traditional industries of farming, fishing, & handcrafts with droughts threatening crops and animals.

Living in small, isolated communities, in Wayuu culture, the woman is the pillar of the family and with her weavings is its main supporter and that of the community. The knowledge they pass from generation to generation takes amazing shape in the hands of Wayuu women.

The Wayuu are best known for the beautifully coloured crochet textiles. Using techniques passed down for centuries, through their creations Wayuu women share their cosmological view of the universe. Each handwoven product has a story the Wayuu tells and describes their dreams and reflects their daily lives. These incredible crafts are all handmade, robust and beautiful and have all the love and attention of the Wayuu. Each palm tote takes approximately 25 to 30 hours to create. 

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