Our Artisans


We work with Colombian artisans from different zones and establish trusting relationships. We prioritize preserving the value of their work, time, and wellbeing while acting as a platform for increased access to economic opportunity by creating a business which benefits not only the company but the indigenous artisans that create our wonderful products. With that in mind, we have partnered with two organisations: i) Artesanias de Colombia – an organisation committed to ensuring fair treatment and economics for Colombia’s indigenous communities & ii) Solidaridad Por Colombia, a non-profit organisation that helps to facilitate aid & charitable investment into indigenous and poor communities in Colombia. Meraki Heritage has currently partnered with incredible artisans from the Wayuu Tribe, Usiacuri, Timbio-Cauca & Sandona to bring you an amazing range of environmentally sustainable, handcrafted palm woven bags, hats, placemats and ponchos. These artisanal skills have been passed down from generation to generation and is a pride amongst their communities.